8 Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

I’ve seen a bunch of blog posts about this topic in the past so I thought, “Hey, I’d love to disappoint and shock the general reading community!”

I think these posts are really interesting because it could be your absolute favorite author that you’ve read every single book from, and a person is like “Yeah I don’t even know what genre this author writes lol?”

So, here are the popular authors I haven’t read — Let me know if I definitely should read some of these authors soon!

  1. Sarah J. Maas 

    Honestly, there’s so much hype and excitement yet also disappointment and controversy with these books, I’m tired just thinking about reading them. I know it’s about a female assassin and romance(?), but that’s about it. I don’t know, I’m just not that interested in these books. If they weren’t so popular I probably wouldn’t even have them on my TBR.


  2. Victoria Schwab 

    Okay, I am actually really excited to read this author’s books, particularly her adult fiction ones.

    Do you want to hear my lame excuse for putting off her writing? Well, here it is. Right now I’m 18 years old. When I read young adult books, I like to relate to the characters, picture myself in their shoes. And this works best when the characters are close to my age. Like, in Six of Crows. Inej is 16 and Kaz is 18. While I was reading that duology I was just like, wow, these characters are my age. If I was in this story, I would be apart of this, I could do all of this with them…

    Am I making sense? No? Okay.  But anyways, the characters in V.E. Schwab’s books are older (in their 20s), so I want to hold off on reading those books until I’m a bit older. I’m always going to read young adult books, but eventually having a 16 year old main character won’t be that relatable for me. So when that time comes, I’ll be happy I saved V.E. Schwab’s books.

    …so based on this reasoning, I really have no excuse for not reading her young adult books yet. I’LL GET TO THIS SAVAGE SONG EVENTUALLY OKAY


  3. Jay Kristoff (and also Amie Kaufman)

    Okay, this is another author I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t. WHY? BECAUSE I SUCK. I own Illuminae and still haven’t read it! And then I had the nerve to order Nevernight a few days ago! I will get to these books, I promise. I’m probably going to start with Nevernight though, because I’m most excited about that series.


  4. Rainbow Rowell 

    So…I’m really not the biggest fan of contemporary. If fact, I rarely read it. In fact x2, I can’t remember the last contemporary book I’ve read. And honestly, none of Rainbow Rowell’s books seem that interesting to me except Carry On.

    I actually own Carry On, the paperback edition because…look at those two beautiful human beings. I really want to read this one because…it’s fantasy. Fantasy is my home, my safe place. And this fantasy has monsters vampires and magic. That sounds delightful 🙂


  5. George R.R. Martin

    You know that annoying person that constantly relates the book to the movie or TV show? Hi yes, that’s me, nice to meet you!

    And for that reason, I’m hellbent on reading this books before I start watching the show. But here I am, not reading these. Meanwhile the entire world is fangirling over the tv show and I have to log off of twitter for the night to avoid spoilers. *sigh*


  6. Kurt Vonnegut

    I’ve been trying to read this man’s writing for Y E A R S. All of his books have such weird and bizarre and intriguing synopsizes that sound right up my alley.

    I was actually first introduced to Kurt Vonnegut when I was around 12-14. My sister’s boyfriend had Slaughterhouse Five with him and he couldn’t rave enough about Vonnegut’s writing, and told me that I need to read him. Ever since, I’ve had Vonnegut on my mental TBR. You better have not steered me wrong, sister’s boyfriend!


  7. Adam Douglas

    I actually just realized that for almost all of these authors, I have at least one physical copy of their books…..I’m embarrassed.

    I’ve read about 20 pages of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and although I enjoyed it and found it hilarious, I just…never finished it.



  8. J. R. R. Tolkien 

    I think it’s usually more shocking to people that I’ve never seen the Lord of the Rings movies or The Hobbit. And that’s because, yes, I’ve been saying I am going to read these books for years. I feel like for such popular movie adaptions of books, it’s only right to read the books first. Like Harry Potter. (which is why I’ve only watched two Harry Potter movies, oops)

    So that’s it! Have you never read any of these authors? Are one of these authors you’re favorite and you should I should read them right nowLet me know!


33 thoughts on “8 Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. I am right there with you. I did read Fangirl but I really wasn’t a fan :/ Also, The time that I did attempt George R. R. Martin I fell into a month long reading slump. I’ve heard fantastic things about GoT but I don’t think it’s for me. If it were I would want to read the books first too

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    1. Have you read Carry On? I’m hoping I’ll enjoy that one just because of the fantasy aspects! & ahhh oh no, that’s my worst fear. I feel like the Game of Thrones series are very dense and heavy so they’ll take a while to get through

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      1. I did not. Honestly I wasn’t a huge fan from the clips in Fangirl because I felt that it tried too hard to be like Harry Potter.
        I do have a friend who has started GoT and she said it does take a while to get into and she often takes breaks from it

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      2. Haha I was enjoying them, but then just never ended up finishing them! It’s hard to convince myself to read older books when new ones I’m excited about keep coming out. I’m going to just have to read the series all at once to get it over with once and for all 😅

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  2. the only author on this list that i haven’t read is sarah j. maas.
    all other authors are great. although i wasn’t the biggest fan of kurt vonnegut’s “slaughterhouse five”.
    victoria schwab and rainbow rowell became my favorite authors this year so i recommend them very much! also, please finish “hitchhiker’s guide” – it’s amazingly hilarious 😂

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    1. Oh yay, I’m glad you had good experiences with these authors! That makes me more encouraged to read them, lol. Hitchiker’s Guide is a book I definitely need to read soon. The special Barnes and Noble hardcover edition is just sitting on my bookcase, watching me, sad I have yet to read it 😭


  3. Victoria is in my top 4 fav authors. Every book I review and read of hers is 5 star I almost own all of them except her angel books bc those are like for really young kids but I own every other. She’s an instant buy for me. I read the hobbit and was really bored. It’s a rare time I say the movies are 100000000x better than the books which was really sad for me.

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    1. Oh wow! What are your other 3 top 4 authors? I feel like I’m definitely going to love all of her books. & aw man, that’s what I was nervous about for The Lord of the Ring books and also the Game of Thrones books. Looks like I’ll be continuing to postponing those, lol!

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      1. Well besides Victoria it’s Rick Riordan, Michelle Hodkin, and Renee Adhieh. I have a post coming next month about why I love them all lol. Victoria and Rick are my top two but Renee and Victoria both wrote books that are my favorite of all time lol both are number one and equal

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  4. Would defo recommend Victoria Schwab and ADSOM in particular, such a great series. I’ve only read Maas’ Throne of Glass series but up until the last couple of books I absolutely loved it. The second book in particular is brilliant because you find out what makes the MC such a great assassin.

    Martin and Tolkien I have no intention of reading. I’m very happy to just watch the show/films. I did attempt Tolkien in my early teens but struggled and gave up and the LOTR films are brilliant anyway.

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    1. Victoria Schwab is definitely the author I’m most excited to read from next! And I’m actually not even 100% sure what Game of Thrones is about, I go into books/shows blindly quite a bit haha. Hopefully they’re something I can get into. And my mother *loves* the LOTR movies, I remember her watching them religiously when I was little. It’s a mystery how I never ended up watching them for myself!

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  5. I haven’t read 2 of those (Martin and Vonnegut). I just have no interest. I read Douglas and Tolkin as a kid. As for the rest, I am a fan, and have read multiple books by them all.


  6. Grace, I got a kick out of your un-reading list. “disappoint and shock the general reading community” — Love it!
    I can agree with what you said about reaching a stage where you don’t relate to the 16 year old character. Yet somehow I always relate to the 12 year old. o_O
    Have a fun-filled thriving Thursday!

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