Blogging While in School – Let’s Talk.


Hey guys. Long time no see.

It may not seem like such a long time considering I’ve been posting consistently for the past few weeks, but in actuality many of those were scheduled to publish in advanced… which is why I have been #ghosting all the book blogs I usually love to read and interact with.

School started back up for me on the 27th. For anyone that is curious, I’m a junior in college and I’m studying animal science with a minor in zoology. I love what I learn but it is certainly no secret that the sciences aren’t the easiest of subjects…

Which brings me to this post. As soon as school started up, everything I loved to do in my free time was put on hold. It’s like my life went from 0 to 100 overnight.

Suddenly I’m doing schoolwork, running around trying to scrape together this study abroad application due in 2 weeks, writing journal entries/powerpoint slides/essays about my internship that’s all due next week, getting ready to start my new job, trying to spend time with friends to ensure them I’m a normal member of society, and boiling under the summer sun as I walk 20 minutes to and from class everyday.

And all that genuinely makes me nervous for the months to come.

Why would that make me nervous? Because that’s exactly what happened around this time last year. Looking back on Goodreads, I read 35 books last summer (June-August). But then from September to April, I read a measly 11.

11 books in 8 months?! I’m almost too embarrassed to admit that.

But while I’m at school, it seems like everything is impossible. Balancing schoolwork, a semblance of a social life, and personal hobbies is an unfeasible feat. If I bury myself in nothing but schoolwork, I feel sad and hopeless. If I hang out with friends, I feel unproductive and like I need to be alone. If I spend time reading or blogging, I feel like I’m isolating myself. No matter what I do, I always seem like I’m doing it all wrong.

But I want to change that this year. I want to find a balance that I can actually maintain, and I want to feel happy in the choices I make.

So I guess I’m writing here today to have a chat with you all. Maybe you’re in school too, or maybe you just have a full time job. How do you balance it all? Do you have a schedule for yourself? Do you admittedly slack on your hobbies when schoolwork/jobs come up? How do you deal with this? Are you also hoping to make some changes in your routine this year?

Please let me know below, I would love to talk about this with you guys!

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5 thoughts on “Blogging While in School – Let’s Talk.

  1. It Is so hard to balance blogging with other life! I am working on an online degree right now and it feels like because there’s no in class time, there’s so much more required work. Trying to balance that with all the necessary blogging activities feels impossible sometimes. I’m currently making a big push to get ahead with some scheduled posts to make life less stressful, which it sounds like you’ve already done. All I can say is good luck and you’re not alone!

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    1. Good luck to you too! I am glad I’m not alone. It’s stressful trying to keep up with both reading and blogging. If I’m reading, I’m not blogging — if I’m blogging, I’m not reading! Right now I have a total of 0 scheduled posts😅Ahhh


  2. Literally the only books I’ve read so far this year (with the exception of maybe 3 or 4) have been required reading.

    I read four Kurt Vonnegut novels for my Spring semester class (and just looked up the SparkNotes on the other three that were required). I read nine books that were on my thesis reading list.

    I can’t tell you the books I read for fun. I can only actually name one of them, “Irena’s Children.” I’ve started so many and put so many others down. It’s madness. I’m now working full-time while attempting to finish up my thesis, and I’m struggling to find not only the time but the motivation to work on my blog. I guess it’s a bit of burnout.


  3. I can totally and 100% relate to you. I’ve only been blogging since October 2017, and this 2018-2019 academic year is going to be my most significant yet… and I’m at a loss as to how I’m going to maintain a balance with everything. How can you keep up a book blog when you’re not reading any books? Most of my reading is going to be dedicated to required reading, and if I start talking about that on my blog, my blog will feel like work to me! it’ll be a tough balance, we’ll see how I can keep up with it this year, good luck to the both of us!


  4. I just started college two weeks ago, and already my free time has become nonexistent. I miss being able to read all the time, but obviously school has to come first. I hope you can figure out a schedule! (And that I can too!) 😁


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