July 2018 · Monthly Wrap Up

July 2018 Wrap Up

Well this post is a bit late 😬 I was trying to get out the reviews for all the books I read this month but, sadly, I have failed. Even more sadly, I have yet to post a review for my three favorite books of the month! But nonetheless, here's my July 2018 Wrap Up♡ Wildwood Dancing… Continue reading July 2018 Wrap Up

August 2017 · Monthly Wrap Up

August Wrap Up | 2017

Oh boy oh boy. Hello everybody. Let's start out with some life updates, shall we? ◦I moved back to school last Sunday (Aug 27). Wah, school! So I hope that explains my lack of blog posts. I'm the type of person who gets really overwhelmed by any sort of change, so right now I'm all over… Continue reading August Wrap Up | 2017